Groupe tactique d'intervention - GTI

The Groupe tactique d'intervention (GTI) is responsible for armed interventions and close protection, explosives, radiological, nuclear, bacteriological and chemical components, and underwater diving. This unit which responds annually to over 400 incidents is formed of four sergeants, two senior intervention officers and 18 intervention officers as well as one sergeant and two senior intervention officers assigned at training and quality control. They come under the Tactical and Specialized Support Unit.

ERT instructors provide deployment and containment training to community service intervention teams. To become a member of the ERT a police officer must, among others, successfully pass a week-long stress reaction test. Only three or four candidates of those attempting selection are successful. 

GTI (Groupe tactique d'intervention) - Part 1/3 (in french)



GTI (Groupe tactique d'intervention) - Part 2/3 (in french)



GTI (Groupe tactique d'intervention) - Part 3/3 (in french)