Business services

Like the police forces in many other large Canadian and American cities, the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) has developed a policy concerning user-pay services.

The SPVM offers a number of services on a fee-per-service basis:

Motor escort

Escorte policièreA car or motorcycle escort may be retained for:

  • Road vehicles
  • Semi-trailers
  • Parades
  • Camera cars

In some cases, certain conditions - such as permits - must be met.

Traffic control 

SPVM officers may direct traffic or close streets temporarily during film, television, or commercial shoots, or for other reasons.

A permit from the Ville de Montréal is mandatory for any of these activities.

Specialized training

Police organizations and some private or governmental organizations may take specialized training from the SPVM staff in widely varied fields of expertise:

  • Motorcycle unit
  • Marine patrol
  • Strategic planning
  • Bike patrol
  • And more


The service contract includes specific conditions for each type of service offered, in addition to general conditions.

The SPVM's general conditions ensure that the Service can maintain its neutrality and avoid any conflicts of interest.

General conditions

No user-pay services will be authorized:

  • For an applicant involved in a police investigation
  • For an applicant directly or indirectly involved in a labour dispute
  • For an applicant involved in a conflictual social issue

2024 Fee Structure

  • Services of a police officer: $ 110,90 per hour / minimum of 4 hours
  • Police car : $ 25,70 per hour / minimum of 4 hours

Any new service request received less than twenty-four (24) hours before the beginning of the requested police service will be subject to an additional charge of $ 394,56;

Any changes or cancellations to an existing demand received less than twenty-four (24) before the beginning of the police service will be subject to an additional charge of $ 394,56. When a cancellation request is received less than three (3) hours before the beginning of the police service, a minimum of four (4) hours per scheduled policeman will also be charged;

Each request for police services will be analyzed in terms of the number of resources required and the length of the police service, depending on the various climatic and operational factors;

For further information, you can contact one of our consultants at the following numbers: 438-922-1729, 438-920-0612, or 514-248-8892.