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Police museum

The police museum (Musée de la police) has existed since 1992. It operates with the support of volunteers, mostly retired SPVM police officers and civilian employees, as well as civilian volunteers with expertise in museology. For a number of years before the museum existed, the idea of creating an SPVM museum was in the minds of the founding members, who were looking for a way to contribute to the collective heritage of the Montréal community. 

The very nature of police work requires members of the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) to be attentive observers and be attuned to important details around them. Driven by this professional curiosity, it was a natural step for the objects and items, facts and documents that reflect the professional history and heritage of the SPVM to be collected and displayed for interpretation. And so the Montréal police museum was created.

Mission and objectives of the Museum

The police museum is dedicated to the history of Montréal police officers, from its very beginnings in 1843 to the present day. Its goal is not only to preserve the department’s collective memory, but also raise awareness of the SPVM’s contribution to the lives of people in Montréal.

The Société du Musée de la police is a not-for-profit organization. It is the only official organization within the SPVM mandated to receive, restore and collect items, documents and photographs that illustrate the cultural and organizational heritage of the SPVM.

The Société and its directors have the following mission:

  • Seek out, collect, restore and preserve, interpret and exhibit the cultural and organizational artifacts that illustrate the history of police services on the island of Montréal since its founding, thereby preserving the history with the staff and members of the community.
  • Authenticate, categorize, evaluate and record the items
  • Provide a way to promote education of staff and the community about the SPVM’s heritage
  • Pay tribute to past and present SPVM employees who contributed to maintaining the peace and public safety

Board of directors

The members of the Board of directors  ensure that the vitality of the museum is maintained. The Museum's Board of directors is made up of the following members:


  • Robert Chevrier 

Vice Chairs

  • André Schmidt
  • Sylvain Bissonnette (Historian)


  • Normand David


  • Ronald Ladouceur


  • Louise Côté


  • Robert Côté


  • Jean-Marc De Nobile 

Computer/photo advisor

  • Vacant

Technical support

  • Jacques Montreuil
  • Patrick Renaud
  • Harold Rosenberg
  • Frédéric Trépanier
  • Elmo Trépanier
  • Raymond Legault
  • Paul Dufort
  • Daniel Côté (associate curator)