Seniors Zone

Over the past several years, the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal has been making special efforts with regard to seniors’ issues. The SPVM decided to make this group a priority in its 2012 action plan. Its guidelines deal with the abuse, neglect and mistreatment of seniors and include prevention activities.

To support the SPVM’s elder abuse prevention efforts, a Seniors section has been created on the SPVM website. In the Seniors Section, you will find information that deals with crimes related to elders and prevention tips especially geared to seniors.

You are being abused, a family member or a friend may experience mistreatment, for help or more information:

ELDER ABUSE HELPLINE 1 888 489 - ABUS (2287)


The Elder Abuse Helpline was launched in 2010. This helpline is one of the five actions in the government action plan to counter the mistreatment of seniors.

People who call the helpline have access to professionals who can offer a listening ear, information, support, telephone crisis intervention and counselling for seniors, the people close to them and professionals dealing with the realities of elder abuse. Depending on the situation and the caller’s consent, referrals may be provided to the appropriate resources (local CSSS and/or specialized organization). This helpline is available to all police officers who need advice on how to handle this type of intervention.

At the same number, a professional consultation service is also available for practitioners in the health and community network who are having problems dealing with abuse situations.


Integrated Police Response for Abused Seniors (IPRAS)

These tools and documents are available to all police services interested in implementing the IPRAS model. They serve as examples that can be adapted.