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Theft in the subway

Because the subway is a busy public place, police encourage people to be prudent. The following tips are intended to help:


Prevention tips



  • Always carry your purse or backpack close and in front of you
  • Be sure that every part of your purse or backpack is fastened shut
  • Never leave your personal effects on the seat beside you: if you fell asleep they would be very easy to steal
  • Store your money someplace that is not easy to reach and apart from your credit cards
  • Get your money out ahead of time before getting on the bus or into the subway so that you don’t have to open your bag or wallet in public
  • Only carry the necessary documents (for instance, if you do not have to drive, leave your driver’s licence at home)
  • If you are a victim, immediately contact your banking institutions to let them know that your cards have been stolen. Then, ask a Métro police officer to file a report in order to avoid falling victim to fraud.


Wireless devices

  • Be particularly vigilant and avoid unnecessarily displaying your personal electronic devices (MP3 player, iPod and iPhone, cell phone, etc.)
  • Do not use your electronic device where you are more vulnerable
  • When you play your music very loud, you sometimes don’t see danger coming your way. Be sure that you can hear outside noises and be alert to suspicious behaviour.
  • File a complaint with the police. Describe the suspect(s) and the direction they took. Indicate the serial and IMEI number identifying the device.


  • When travelling alone, pick a wagon in which there are already many people.
  • When you leave the station, use well-lit streets, and avoid small side-streets.
  • Women should use the Entre deux arrêts service provided by the STM
  • In a crowd, watch out if you are squeezed in or jostled.

In case of an emergency

What is an emergency?

  • You feel like you are being followed or threatened.
  • You are a victim of a crime.
  • You witnessed a theft, a fight, bullying or a criminal offence
  • You see an individual in distress whose behaviour suggests suicidal intentions

Call 911.

If you are in the subway car, use l’interphone, which will connect you with the train operator at any time.

Image of an intercom 

If you are on the subway platform, use point d’assistance.

Image of an assistance bay 

Suspicious or criminal activity

If you want to communicate information about suspicious or criminal activity:

  • call 911, or
  • call Info-Crime Montréal at 514-393-1133, where your call will be treated confidentially and anonymously

What to do in case of emergency in the métro station - STM



Some areas are very tempting for pickpockets, so you should be especially careful when you are in the following places:

  • Outdoor activities and shows
  • Public markets
  • Waiting lines
  • Traffic lights
  • Escalators
  • Rush hour in public transit
  • Food courts
  • Major public parking lots

With a little vigilance, you can use the public transit system to take full advantage of activities in Montréal, without having anyone rob you…of your fun.