International Missions

Haïti - Été 2009More than 500 Montreal police officers have taken part in peacekeeping missions in 13 countries since the first international mission to include officers from the SPVM took place in Haiti, in 1995.

Whether it is in Rwanda, Jordan, Kosovo, Bosnia, Sierra Leone, East Timor, Afghanistan, Haiti, Guatemala or the Ivory Coast, the thing that most motivates our police officers to take part in peace-keeping missions is their desire to help people in need.

These incredible experiences offer the participants a first hand look at cultural diversity, and when they return to Montreal they all feel that they are more open to others. Some of them return to the country with a good working knowledge of the languages learned on the ground, and that also brings them closer to fellow citizens.

In 2008, a protocol signed between the SPVM and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) stipulated that the SPVM will have 50 police officers ready for deployment at any time until 2011.

To fulfill its engagement towards the international community, the International Missions Section of the SPVM chooses its representatives according to a rigorous selection process. The chosen candidates then receive preparatory training for their mission.