In 1995, the SPVM made a commitment to its partners – the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and the RCMP – to participate in peacekeeping missions.

SPVM police officers join colleagues from Canada and other countries to serve under the direction of the international body responsible for the mission.

Role of the police officer

The police officer's role varies to suit the needs of the mission:

  • Officers may help maintain order and public security following an armed conflict.
  • They may help restructure and train a new police force.
  • Other missions, such as the one in Rwanda, require officers to investigate events for the international courts.
  • Some missions ask officers to act as human rights observers.

Effect on Montrealers

The SPVM's commitment to the international community does not affect the services offered to Montrealers. Administrative agreements with Canadian government agencies ensure that sending officers on these missions does not entail costs for Montréal taxpayers.

Officers who go on missions are replaced by officers who are hired either temporarily or permanently. Montrealers can be assured of receiving quality service from the same size police force.