Selecting police officers for a foreign mission is a rigorous process that entails several steps. Candidates must:

  • Meet general criteria
  • Pass a selection interview
  • Pass medical and psychological exams

General criteria

  • Réunion au QG de la police de Port-au-Prince, l'agent ProvencherHave at least 10 years' experience with a recognized police force
  • Be recommended by their unit commander
  • Have no entries in their disciplinary record
  • Be in excellent physical condition with no medical restrictions
  • Have driven a standard-transmission vehicle for at least two years
  • Have the police qualifications and specializations required for the mission

Selection interview

Police officers who meet the general criteria are invited to a selection interview. The goals of the selection interview are:

  • To confirm information about the candidate
  • To analyse their motives
  • To evaluate their personal and family readiness
  • To assess their commitment to representing the SPVM at the international level
  • To be selected in regards of their résumé's qualities 


Officers who meet the general criteria and pass the selection interview are subjected to thorough medical and psychological examinations. They must: