Forensic Identification Section

Forensic identificationThe forensic Identification unit was founded by Eugène Laflamme in 1901. 

Its role is to support the SPVM's other operational and administrative units by:

  • Safeguarding and maintaining seized evidence and files containing personally identifying information, under evidence collection laws
  • Acting as a centre of expertise for vehicle identification
  • Serving as the SPVM vehicle impoundment unit

To fulfil its mission, the forensic identification unit relies on 70 specialized civilian and police employees and the latest high-tech equipment.

Every year:

  • 25,000 new criminal ID files managed
  • 5,000 crime scenes investigated
  • 3,200 fingerprints and 1,100 DNA samples taken
  • 3,610,200 investigation files processed in the laboratory
  • 250,000 photos produced by the photography service 

Forensic identification - Part 1/3 (in french)

Forensic identification - Part 2/3 (in french)

Forensic identification - Part 3/3 (in french)