Motorcycle officer


The SPVM has 44 motorcycle officers, who are members of the Division de la sécurité routière et des patrouilles spécialisées. Motorcycle officers are dedicated to ensuring road safety for those who use the roads. To accomplish this, they patrol the overall Montréal Island area on motorcycle, according to a pre-set plan. Their mission is to enforce the Highway Safety Code, ensure the smooth flow of traffic, and thereby ensure the safety of the people of Montréal on the city's road network. Their primary activities are:

  • Direct traffic, especially at peak hours
  • Provide a presence that acts as a deterrent to prevent infractions
  • Carry out radar operations at strategic targeted locations
  • Support officers from local stations in resolving traffic problems
  • Initiate detour plans and put safety perimeters in place during major events (accident/collision, major fire, etc.) or provide unscheduled crowd control

Motorcycle officers also have expertise in managing crowds. They are therefore used at various types of public events (parades, demonstrations, etc.) to control traffic and crowd movement, thereby ensuring the safety of the public. They also carry out road escort duties to ensure the safe travel or transport of particular individuals or vehicles (dignitaries, trailers, etc.).

Motorcycle officers patrol by motorcycle from April to mid-December or until road conditions allow. In the winter, these officers carry out their role in patrol cars.