Montréal's Métro (subway) officer


The SPVM's Section métro is assigned to Montreal's public transit network. The subway officers are police officers whose duty is to patrol the subway (control areas, platforms, shelters and trains) and its surrounding areas. The officers from the Métro (subway) division carry out the same work as local police officers and in this respect, they have the same SPVM specialized and technical support services available to facilitate their work.

Each day, the SPVM Section métro officers are the individuals who, through their patrol, call response, prevention or specific intervention activities, ensure the safety of riders, partners and business owners in Montréal's subway network. Their objective is to maintain public peace and a sense of safety for everyone.

The métro officers watch out for public safety issues and intervene to resolve these problems. Their goal is to reduce the frequency of disruptive and inappropriate behaviours and to enforce the laws and regulations in place. Their responsibilities also include ensuring the flow of Montréal's subway network, particularly by taking action against inappropriate behaviours that may delay the arrival and departure of subway trains.

The officers respond to calls and carry out patrol in teams of two, according to a pre-set plan. They intervene to protect, maintain and safeguard the lives of people. As front-line officers, their duties also include preserving the crime scene and carrying out the the initial steps in an investigation – meeting with witnesses, taking reports, etc. They call upon other emergency units and proceed with arrests, when required.

SPVM police officers and STM inspectors

The police officers from the Section métro de Montréal are not the same as inspectors from the Société de transport de Montréal (STM): the former are SPVM police officers, whereas the latter are employees of the STM. They each have a role to play that is equally important and complementary, with the goal of ensuring the safety of Montréal's public transportation network, but they each report into different authorities and carry out different plans.

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