Local police officer


The SPVM has nearly 2000 local police officers across the 31 local police stations (PDQs). The local police officer is assigned to a specific sector. This approach is specific to the model for the local (neighbourhood) police.

Each day, these police officers patrol, according to a pre-established plan, the territory of each local police station (PDQ) and respond to 911 calls. They are the first responders for public safety in the communities of the people of Montréal. They are specialists in their community. They know its inhabitants and business owners. They identify safety issues in the neighbourhood and work to resolve them.

These police officers have a number of responsibilities:

  • Ensure road safety in their sector
  • Intervene with various community groups and with victims of criminal acts
  • Make sure that the laws and regulations are respected
  • Protect and safeguard the lives of residents of their neighbourhood area

They call upon other emergency units when the situation requires it and conduct arrests, when necessary, and then take suspects to detention areas.

Front-line officers

Local police officers are generally the first ones to arrive at a criminal event or accident. Therefore, they are required to carry out the initial steps of an investigation, such as:

  • Protect the scene
  • Communicate with the victims, witnesses and other people involved
  • Collect versions and evidence
  • Take statement
  • Try to locate the suspects
  • Retrieve items of evidence

Local officers are also able to provide assistance to the public and to victims of criminal acts by giving them advice and directing them to organizations that can help them.

Solo local police officer

Local police officers generally work in teams of two but a certain number do patrols on their own, these are the solo local police officers. These officers do not respond to all calls. They are mainly assigned to calls that involve taking reports, interventions in secured areas or road safety issues. Solo local police officers assume a support role with their patrol colleagues and may complete their intervention when possible.

Local support officer

Local police stations also count on the work from local support officers. These are the officers at the station's service desk. They are the first point of contact with the public. Support officers receive public citizens who come to the local police station. They help them with their requests, provide information or direct them to the right resources and help them in preparing event reports. They provide support to their police colleagues, according to the needs. They carry out certain administrative tasks and do searches in police databanks.