Éclipse unit officer

The Section Éclipse officer works within a team whose primary objective is to combat violent crime over the entire Montréal Island area. The role of the officer is to provide support in the field, to local police stations or various investigation units in carrying out their response plan and their investigation strategy. For this, he patrols pre-determined sectors. The officer gathers information and takes part in various investigation projects.

The Section Éclipse officer is an expert in violent crime for a given area or a specific problem issue. For this, the officer finds out about criminal activities in the targeted area, previous police interventions, as well as locations and subjects of interest. The officer regularly visits the various public or commercial places or establishments in his assigned area (businesses, schools, subway stations, licensed establishments, parks, etc.). He therefore makes contact with the owners and individuals who frequent these places, creates a relationship of trust and tries to gather information that is useful in the fight against crime.

These officers also have a role of taking on, when applicable, the initial steps in an investigation, such as: contacting victims, witnesses and others involved, gathering versions and evidence, taking their statements, attempting to locate the suspects, and retrieving items of evidence, all for the purpose of actively contributing to establishing the facts, gathering proof and identifying the perpetrators of criminal acts.