Les Survivantes

Les Survivantes program forms part of the efforts deployed by the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) in the fight against sexual exploitation. The program team provides care and support to individuals who have been or who are at risk of becoming sexually exploited. The concerns of these individuals are central to all action taken. 

Since its formation, the program has been informing and raising awareness of many police officers, along with frontline workers in the justice, education, health and social security fields.

The involvement of survivors is the very essence of the program. These workers adopt a collaborative approach with victims or vulnerable individuals and their families.

Synergy between the workers involved is essential to maximize the effectiveness of the help provided to victims.  For this reason, Les Survivantes program coordinators work closely with investigators from SPVM’s Sexual Exploitation Section, as well as community and public health partners.

The program content considers the specific needs of victims from diverse sociocultural backgrounds. Les Survivantes team has also been educated on these realities and those surrounding sexual and gender diversity.  To ensure the effectiveness of interventions, a section has been created for the indigenous clientele. 

When and who to call

To report an emergency in relation to a sexual exploitation case, call 911.

If you have more specific questions on Les Survivantes program, please contact the socio-community officer at your neighbourhood police station.

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