Les Survivantes

This project involves providing information sessions to different professionals working with victims of sexual exploitation. It also aims to make these victims aware of all of the risks and to inform them about the different resources available to help them get out of that environment.

Sexual exploitation, in particular trafficking of women, refers to an extremely widespread practice to which researchers apply a number of definitions. They manifest as street prostitution, escort agencies, erotic massage, pornography and erotic dancing, to name only the most common forms.

In view of this situation, the SPVM decided to intervene along four axes: investigation, prevention, communication and suppression. The project known as Les Survivantes (the survivors) stems from this approach. The concept emerged after numerous consultations with victims, institutional and community partners, as well as our staff.

The primary purpose of this project is to organize information sessions for the different professionals dealing with this issue, and for the victims of sexual exploitation. At the same time, police officers with the Section des enquêtes multidisciplinaires et coordination jeunesse (SEMCJ), the western region of the SPVM, professionals from the Centre d’aide aux victimes d’actes criminels (CAVAC) and survivors meet with people and groups to make them aware of the realities of violence, drug abuse, the absence of rights and the degrading behaviour of the pimps who control the girls, and to tell them about the resources set up to help them.


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