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Bicycle theft

Approximately 2,000 bicycles are reported stolen every year, but most thefts are not reported. 





Prevention tips

  • Register your bicycle to significantly improve your chances of recovering it if the police find it. You can register with any one of several programs on the Internet, with the Tandem organization or with your neighbourhood police station.
  • Lock up your bicycle at all times with a good lock.
  • Check with a reliable retailer to find out which is the best type of bicycle lock
  • As much as possible, secure your bike to a bike stand
  • If your front wheel has a quick release, remove it and lock it along with the rear wheel and the bicycle frame.
  • Avoid locking up your bike in the same place several days in a row if it is not supervised.
  • Record the particulars of your bicycle: brand, model, style, number of speeds, colour, year manufactured, serial number, etc.
While none of these measures is foolproof, they will definitely make your bicycle more difficult to steal. 


Having your bicycle engraved

Projet numéro

The purpose of Projet Numéro is to introduce different measures to reduce bicycle thefts and improve the chances of finding them through an ID document and engraving on the bicycle.

The Projet Numéro ID document is a way to record and keep all of the information about your bicycle that the police will need if it gets stolen (brand, model, serial number, etc.). 

A personal and permanent ID number is then engraved on your bicycle. This number is entered in the SPVM database, thus becoming accessible to all police officers. When they find a bike, the police can check this database to see if they can identify the owner. The engraving is free, and provides a deterrent since it makes it more difficult for a thief to sell a bike.

Signing up for Projet Numéro is easy. To find out when the next engravings will be scheduled, just contact your neighbourhood police station. Bring your bike to the station, and staff will engrave the number and affix a sticker on the crossbar near the handlebar to show that you are a participant in the program.

+ Contact your neighbourhood police station

Complete a police report online

If you are the victim of a bike theft, you can complete a police report online.