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Bicycle theft

Like in all big cities around the world, the problem of bicycle theft is unfortunately prevalent in Montréal.  To combat this phenomenon, the SPVM has joined forces with 529 Garage, a platform aimed at preventing bicycle theft and handling stolen goods.

Bike registration takes just a few minutes on the 529 Garage website or mobile app.  In the event of theft, registered users can issue an alert and make the most of help provided by the 529 Garage community to recover their bike.

When a bike is found, police officers can easily return it to the owner if they are registered on 529 Garage.

If your bike gets stolen, it is also very important to report the matter to the SPVM.  Police reports enable investigations to be launched, improve measuring of the development of the phenomenon and seize stolen bikes to return them to their legitimate owners.

529 Garage has seen impressive results in participating cities. In Vancouver, for example, bicycle thefts have dropped by almost 40% since its launch in 2015.

Prevention tips

  • Register your bicycle to significantly improve your chances of recovering it if the police find it. You can register with any one of several programs on the Internet, with the Tandem organization or with your neighbourhood police station.
  • Lock up your bicycle at all times with a good lock.
  • Check with a reliable retailer to find out which is the best type of bicycle lock
  • As much as possible, secure your bike to a bike stand
  • If your front wheel has a quick release, remove it and lock it along with the rear wheel and the bicycle frame.
  • Avoid locking up your bike in the same place several days in a row if it is not supervised.
  • Record the particulars of your bicycle: brand, model, style, number of speeds, colour, year manufactured, serial number, etc.
While none of these measures is foolproof, they will definitely make your bicycle more difficult to steal. 


Registering on 529 Garage

You can register a bike on 529 Garage in just a few minutes.

How to register:

  1. Go to spvm.qc.ca/garage529 or download the 529 Garage smartphone mobile app to create your free account.
  2. Register your bike with some photos and basic information such as the serial number, brand and model.
  3. Once you have completed registering, we recommend that you affix a 529 Garage shield on your bike.  This tamper resistant shield contains a unique identification number and acts as a deterrent to thieves.

    Contact your neighbourhood police station to see if free shields are available or go to project529.com to view the list of points of sale or place your order online.
  1. If your bike gets stolen, issue an alert on your mobile app or on the 529 Garage website. All users in the vicinity are notified and can help you find your bike.

Love your bike?  Register it.

Complete a police report online

If you are the victim of a bike theft, you can complete a police report online.