Non-Violence Squad

The Unité sans violence : exprimez-vous! (violence prevention: speak up) program is mainly for young people in Elementary Cycle Three. Every student in a participating school receives a jersey that they wear one day a week throughout the year. This jersey displays the contract through which the student commits to neither tolerate nor engage in violence. Every contract is personalized: each student gets to pick the type of violence that he or she stands against. Every participant also receives a mouse pad to help them remember their commitment to non-violence.

Ambassadors of non-violence

The members of an Unité sans violence are ambassadors of non-violence for their school. They commit to meet with the other students to talk to them about the program. They hand out reward tickets to students who display peaceful behaviour. Every ticket has the name of the person who behaved properly, a summary of what they did, and the name of the member of the Unité sans violence who issued it. Every student who has received a reward ticket that week is named in class. At the end of the month, a prize identifying the Unité sans violence is drawn at random from among the names of the students who received a reward ticket, and another from among the names of the ambassadors who issued the tickets.

This program gives young people the opportunity to:

  • find out about and become aware of the different forms of violence,
  • commit to stand against violence by signing a contract,
  • express and affirm themselves,
  • promote positive behaviours, and
  • react properly to violence.


To take part in the Unité sans violence program, contact a community relations officer at your neighbourhood police station.