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Taxing - tips for kids

Taxing is robbery. It means using force or threats to steal something from someone. Taxing can be done by one person alone or by a group, working together to frighten others - smaller kids, for example.

Taxers are cowards; they rarely attack anyone stronger than themselves, and if they do, they make sure they have accomplices.

What should you do if you are taxed?

While it's happening

  • Try to stay calm and be brave.
  • Answer your aggressor firmly with short sentences.
  • Don't fight.
  • Give the taxer(s) whatever they want.
  • Take a good look at the taxer(s).


  • It's very important to tell a friend, a teacher or your parents as soon as possible, so you can express your fear.
  • If it's too hard go to alone, ask a friend go to with you.
  • Adults know about this kind of attack and they know what to do.
  • If you keep quiet about what happened, you're more likely to be attacked again than if you report it. We have to break the wall of silence, because it gives the power to the taxers and bullies.

Reporting is not tattling!

Are you afraid of being called a "tattletale"? Maybe you just don't understand the difference between "tattling" and reporting.


  •  Means telling what you saw or experienced.
  •  You report so that these things will not happen again, because you know they're not right.


  •  Means telling in order to get something in exchange, like money or favours.
  •  An informer or tattletale tells for selfish reasons, to take revenge or for money, for example.

The decision is up to you, but if you don't tell someone what is going on, no one can help you and you will continue to suffer the consequences.