Home Youth Zone Halloween


Safety tips

  • Agree with your parents which route you will be taking and what time to get back home
  • Wear light coloured short clothing
  • Use a flashlight and reflective tape so you will be seen
  • Ring the door bell when you are accompanied by an adult or if you are in a group, always wait outside the house
  • Go trick or treating on one side of the street at a time
  • Cross streets at intersections and always obey the traffic signs
  • Look both ways before crossing the street
  • Only use the sidewalk
  • Never go near a car or get into one without your parents’ permission
  • Once you get home, check your treats with your parents to make sure they are safe to eat


Here is a Halloween drawing featuring our mascot Flik!

You can download the drawing by clicking on the image (PDF).

Happy Halloween!

Menacing costumes and behaviours

At Halloween, some people in costume sometimes attempt to scare others (e.g.: clowns). Although they are generally intended to be pranks, such behaviours can be seen as menacing and make people feel unsafe. Keep in mind that depending on the context, such behaviour can be considered a criminal offence and be liable to prosecution.

Should such a situation occur, do not intervene. Instead, if you feel threatened or witness a situation, please call 911 immediately to report the incident.