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Child pornography

Under the Criminal Code ofCanada, it is illegal to produce, distribute, be in possession of or access child pornography.

Child pornography may consist of photos, videos, print material or sound recordings, whether or not prepared through mechanical or electronic means. It may represent any of the following:

  • a minor involved in an explicit sexual activity;
  • certain parts of the body of a minor for sexual purposes; or
  • the valorization, simulation or description of a prohibited sexual activity with a minor.


Anyone who has reasonable grounds to believe that a representation, written material, recording or other document could constitute child pornography must report the information to the police in order to protect children and teens. You can report the information anonymously to Cyberaide.ca.

If you know of a child who is in immediate danger, call 911.




Frequently asked questions

Q. Is it a crime for a minor to transmit photos of another minor who is naked or in a sexually explicit position?

R. Yes, because it amounts to the distribution of child pornography under section 163.1(3) of the Criminal Code.

Q. I use peer-to-peer file sharing software. During a download, I inadvertently obtained a film showing child pornography. What should I do?

R. It is extremely difficult to investigate cases involving peer-to-peer technology. However, you should note the following important information in terms of reporting to the police:

  • the name of the downloaded file;
  • the name of the user (in the user column); and
  • the person’s IP address (if available)

Q. I was surfing the Web and I landed on a child pornography site. How do I report it? 

R. Record the exact address of the Web site, and give it to the police or to Cyberaide.ca. If a child is in immediate danger, call 911.

Q. I suspect that the users of a chat software are involved in child prostitution. What should I do?

R. Try to get as much information as you can, and pass it on to the police. Try to get:

  • pseudonyms;
  • e-mail addresses;
  • comments; and
  • details on profiles.



Cybertip!ca is a Canada-wide service for reporting the online sexual exploitation of children. The service is provided by Centre canadien de protection de l'enfance, a charitable organization that is dedicated to ensuring the personal safety of children.

The organization provides useful tips on Internet safety, presented by age group (5-7 years, 8-9 years, 10-12 years and 13-15 years). It also contains a description of the development of children’s personalities and their main activities on the Web.

Who looks after what?

At the SPVM, a team of dedicated professionals investigates all crimes connected to the sexual exploitation of children for commercial purposes, such as child luring, child pornography, prostitution and pimping. The purpose of this investigation module is to better identify the overall phenomenon of child sexual exploitation, and aims to minimize its physical and psychological impact on its victims.

To file a complaint about child sexual exploitation

  • Call 911
  • Call Info-Crime Montréal anonymously and confidentially at 514-393-1133
  • Report a Web site through www.cyberaide.ca


Learn more about the Module Exploitation sexuelle des enfants à des fins commerciales (ESEC)