The investigator takes all the necessary steps to elucidate a crime with a complainant and initiates investigations to counter crimes without complainants.

Depending on the type of crime, techniques and expertise specific to their field of investigation are required. The investigator:

  • Participates in the development of the investigation strategy
  • Gathers the relevant information allowing him/her to build the evidence
  • Conducts research and directs the file through the different judicial steps
  • Guides and informs the victims, witnesses and other stakeholders throughout the proceedings and takes care to ensure the victims' safety
  • Tries to anticipate any criminal activity that could disturb public safety.  He/she teams up with the personnel of the Service's other units (neighbourhood police stations, community relations services, etc.).

The technological crime investigator provides support as an expert in information technology and is associated with any investigation that requires advanced technical expertise for recovery, analysis and presentation of virtual evidence. He supports the Service's investigators in solving such crimes, at the different steps of the investigation.