Investigating Officer – Collision

The collision investigating officer conducts investigations to clarify the circumstances of accidents and hit and runs involving fatalities or injuries, major accidents or accidents involving major media coverage, or collisions related to car chases involving the Service's personnel. On the scene of the collision, he gathers evidence allowing him/her to identify the causes of the event and thus determine whether prosecutions should be instituted.

The investigating officer visits the accident scenes where his presence is required. He ensures the safety of the persons present at the accident scene and protects the scene. He takes the investigative steps and makes requests for appropriate support and expertise.  He then contacts the victims, the witnesses and any other stakeholder who could provide him with information on the circumstances of the collision. He collects the versions and the testimony and takes the statements, with the goal of establishing the facts, accumulating evidence and identifying the perpetrators of the collisions or the indictable offences committed. He then proceeds with the arrest and questioning of the individuals concerned and obtains their statements. Following these investigative steps, he addresses a request to institute court proceedings.

He also plays a role with the collision victims and their loved ones, as the case may be. The investigating officer ensures the safety of the victims after an accident and may refer them to agencies that could assist them, when this is required. He also informs them of the progress and the results of the investigation.