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Police Station


Joanne Matte, 
Chief of the Section métro de Montréal  

Since June 2007, 132 police officers from the SPVM have been directly assigned to Montréal's public transit network.

They are present in the subways and in the neighbouring areas to ensure the safety of passengers and business owners.

Their mandate is also to reduce the frequency of disruptive and inappropriate behaviours, to ensure the peace for all citizens.

Flow of the network

The police officers enforce the laws and regulations in effect. Their responsibilities include ensuring the flow of the network, particularly by taking action against inappropriate behaviours that delay the arrival and departure of subway trains.

Work of police officers in the métro

The police officers patrolling the métro do the same work as police officers affiliated with a local police station. This means they have access to all the SPVM's specialized, technical and support services to facilitate their work in the field.

The police officers from the Montréal métro are not the same as inspectors at the Société de transport de Montréal (STM): the former are SPVM police officers, whereas the latter are employees of the STM. They each have an equally important role. Reporting into different authorities and carrying out different plans, these roles are complementary.

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