Grandparent scams: police officers have arrested two suspects targeting seniors

02 march 2022

Police officers from local police station (PDQ) 12 located in Westmount have arrested two individuals in recent weeks who are suspected of extorting several thousands of dollars from the elderly. The suspects allegedly manipulated their victims by using a tactic called grandparent scams. 

The alleged fraudsters contacted their victims by telephone posing as police officers. They asked for large amounts of money supposedly to cover medical or legal costs of a relative in difficulty.  The suspects or an accomplice then visited their victims on several occasions to collect the money requested in cash.

Sensing the scam, two targeted individuals went to SPVM’s PDQ 12. After taking their testimonies, police officers in group 4 at PDQ 12 implemented a surveillance operation. They then managed to catch the suspects who were preparing to extract more money from their victim.

The investigation is continuing in collaboration with the Section des crimes économiques at the SPVM to determine if the suspects may be linked to other similar cases of fraud recently occurring in Montréal.

If you have been a victim of a scam, please do not hesitate to go to your PDQ or call 9-1-1 to reach the SPVM.  If you live outside Montréal, contact your local police station.  To report a scam, you can also contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre by dialling 1 888 495-8501 or directly visiting its website. Montréal residents can also contact Info Crime-Montréal on an anonymous and confidential basis at 514 393-1133 or

To find out more about how grandparent scams operate and get prevention advice, please visit the SPVM’s website.