SPVM's values and mission


The SPVM embraces three fundamental values: respect, integrity and commitment. They are the pillars that must always guide the behaviours and actions of the members of management, police officers and civilian staff.


Respect is acting and treating others with consideration and dignity, by being open to differences.

Respect is required in relations with the public, partners and the community, in relationships with employees, partner officers and superiors. In everyday work, employees demonstrate the same respect and openness as they would for a member of their own family.


Integrity is the quality of a person carrying out his profession with straightforwardness, honesty, and fairness.

The trust and respect that the public places in the SPVM is based on the integrity of each employee.


Commitment is the action of dedicating oneself to the mission of the organization and to the related roles and responsibilities.

In carrying out their work, the SPVM staff act in a manner that demonstrates their concern for the issues in the environment and by contributing to finding a resolution.


The mission of the Ville de Montréal's police department (SPVM) is to protect the lives and property of citizens, maintain peace and public safety, prevent and combat crime, and enforce current laws and regulations (Articles 48 and 69 of the Police Act, R.S.Q. c. P-13.1).

In partnership with various institutions, socio-economic organizations, community groups and citizens of the Montréal area, the SPVM is committed to promoting the quality of life of the people of Montréal by:

  • Working to reduce crime
  • Improving road safety
  • Fostering a sense of safety
  • Developing a peaceful and safe living environment, while respecting the rights and freedoms guaranteed under the Canadian and Québec charters