Discover the work of a police traffic cadet

The Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) is looking for police traffic cadets.

As a police traffic cadet, you will be called on to perform all the tasks related to traffic management in the approaches to construction sites. You will have varied responsibilities, such as:

  • Automobile traffic, including gestures and signals
  • Pedestrian traffic and crosswalks
  • Bicycle traffic
  • Diverting traffic
  • Operating a traffic light box


The hourly rate (2020) is $15.96 plus metropolitan premium = $17.04

Selection criteria

To become a police traffic cadet, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Be 18 or older
  • Have obtained a Diploma of Secondary Studies (DSS/DES)
  • Experience in the field of safety is an asset
  • Successfully complete the selection process
  • Meet the safety accreditation requirements
  • Take qualifying training in relation to service delivery
  • Be available to work throughout the year on split schedules, daytime, evening, night and weekends
  • Be willing to work throughout the territory of theIslandofMontréal

* If there are not enough Police Technology candidates, we will accept any candidacy of a person enrolled in CEGEP or university or holding a DCS/DEC or a university degree.

New : Police cadets who stand out for the quality of their work with the SPVM will be given priority in the selection process and hired more quickly as neighbourhood police officers.

Selection process

In addition to meeting the selection criteria , you will also have to pass the orther steps in the selection process. All the steps are eliminatory.

1 -WRITTEN EXAM ( for traffic police cadets only)


3 - MEDICAL EXAM (only for the students in the policing technology program)



We look forward to meeting you.