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Police Station

Prevention tips

Because the subway is a highly used public place, police officers advise you to be careful. They urge you to follow this prevention advice.


  • Always carry your handbag or knapsack close to your body, and in front
  • Make sure that all compartments of your bag are properly closed
  • Never leave your personal items on a seat beside you; you could fall asleep and this makes it easier for them to be stolen
  • Put your money in a hard-to-reach place that is separate from your credit cards
  • Have your money ready in advance before getting on a bus or going into the subway, to avoid opening your purse or wallet in public
  • Only carry documents you need with you (for example, if you don't have to drive, don't bring your licence)
  • If you are robbed, contact your banking institution immediately to report the theft of your cards; then ask a subway police officer to file a report so you are not subject to new fraud situations

Electronic devices

  • Be especially careful and avoid needlessly displaying your personal electronic devices (MP3 player, iPod and iPhone, cellular phone, etc.)
  • Do not use your electronic device in places where there could be a risk
  • Listening to music at a loud volume often prevents seeing any approaching danger Make sure you can hear outside noise and pay attention to any suspicious behaviour
  • Filing a complaint with the police. Provide a description of the suspects as well as the direction they went Provide the serial number and IMEI number, which allow the device to be identified


  • If you are travelling alone, choose a car that already has a number of people in it
  • When leaving the station, use well-lit routes and avoid alleys
  • If you are a woman, use the Between Two Stops service (Entre deux arrêts) offered by the STM. Women travelling alone at night and who would like to get off the bus between two regular stops can ask the driver, who will decide if the vehicle can be stopped safety
  • Pay attention in a crowd when someone is standing very close to you or if you are jostled

Ideal situations for pickpockets

Some places are favourites for pickpockets. You should be particularly careful in the following situations:

  • Outdoor activities and shows
  • Public markets
  • Waiting in lines
  • Traffic lights
  • Escalators
  • Rush hour in public transit
  • Food courts
  • Large public parking lots

By exercising a bit of caution, you can take public transit and take full advantage of the activities in Montréal, without being robbed... of your fun.