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Police Station

Our goals

The team from PDQ 5 is working to uphold security in its territory, in compliance with the SPVM’s strategic orientations stated below:

  1. Anchor the police service in ITS community
  2. Protect the safety of the public
  3. Develop an agile, effective and efficient organization marked with a culture of engagement

As such, PDQ 5 has chosen the following objectives :

Improve cooperation and step up interactions with our partners to improve security.

  • Improve the quality of interventions across the entire Montréal-Trudeau international airport site by bringing the two organizations (SPVM and ADM security) closer together on every level.
  • Develop effective mechanisms to deal with disappearances related to mental health services at the Lakeshore hospital.

Proactively deploy strategies suited to local realities to improve the sense of security.

  • Reduce the incidence of cargo thefts in the Dorval and Pointe-Claire industrial parks.
  • Change the behaviour of drivers and pedestrians around schools, to reduce speed and enforce pedestrian crossings.

Implement active strategies for the effective management of public spaces and public access at every level of the organization (corporate, regional and local).

  • Improve the quality of life of people who go to the Centre Fairview, the STM terminus and Parc Seigniory in Pointe-Claire.
  • Reduce the incidence of antisocial behaviour in target locations.