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Police Station

Our goals

The team at PDQ 44 works to maintain security in its territory, in compliance with the SPVM's global priorities. To this end, the team has established these objectives :

Anchor the police service in its community


  • Develop closer ties between external partners and officers in the field, using a problem resolution approach.
  • Offer our partners the opportunity to take part in a patrol day.
  • Organize and take part in “Partner day,” a thought-provoking day of discussion with our partners and some residents to establish an accurate portrait of the problems facing Rosemont:
    • Present our action plan to the public and our partners and (if required) fine-tune our priorities based on comments and suggestions received at the meeting

Safeguard the public

  • Meet with elementary school children in person and through the social media to raise awareness and equip them to combat bullying, especially cyberbullying.
  • Prevent and combat violence against women by meeting with female high school students to offer support and inform them of resources available to them.
  • Provide follow-up and support for every victim of domestic violence.
  • Organize and take part in activities with troubled youth to build bridges with them and offer avenues conducive to their development and social integration.
  • Meet with seniors in their own environment:
    • Take part in the “Vivre et vieillir à Rosemont” roundtable.
    • Offer presentations on senior abuse, neglect and mistreatment.
    • Take exploratory steps to identify existing issues and work to curb them.
  • Improve the road safety record by reducing the number of traffic fatalities and injuries:
    • Target problem locations
    • Conduct operations in critical areas around schools and parks
    • Meet with young children and seniors to raise awareness of the need to obey traffic lights and pedestrian signals
  • Provide a reassuring presence on commercial arteries and in parks where there are recurring problems.
  • Improve the sense of security on commercial arteries and in parks and keep the “Non-tolérance d’actes indécents” signs in place.
  • Handle public complaints in cooperation with the Module d’action par projets to identify crime trends (e.g., purse theft, theft from vehicles).

Develop an agile, efficient, high-performance organization

  • Develop the competencies of our police staff to respond more effectively to changes in modern society and protect their physical integrity.