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Immersion MTL: an exceptional contribution by stakeholders

On October 19, 2023, the Direction et la Division de la formation at the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) welcomed over 140 police officers and civilian staff along with many stakeholders at the Marché Bonsecours. 

On this occasion, the SPVM expressed its sincere recognition and gratitude to around 50 stakeholders who hosted recruits within their organization for the first edition of the Immersion MTL component, in the scope of the new Police Integration Program (Programme d’intégration à la fonction policière).

 20 recruits experienced their reality side by side with them, within their organization or institution, in their community, with absolute humility and respect, as equals. The close collaboration and open mind of these stakeholders lead to 100 immersive experiences being carried out in just under five weeks between September 20 and October 18, 2023. 

Unprecedented mobilization 

So far, almost 100 Montréal institutions and organizations have accepted to take part in Immersion MTL. This marks an unprecedented mobilization with a view to building bridges between diverse Montreal communities and the police, by creating closer ties with future police officers in order to strengthen the bond of trust between them. 

Win-win solution 

Throughout their career at the SPVM, recruits will be better equipped to interact with Montrealers and contemplate interventions in the most complex situations. 

For our stakeholders, Immersion MTL is also an opportunity to present their services and share the challenges of their everyday realities with future police officers. Citizens, organizations and institutions will also have the opportunity to see the police in a different light. 

In this context, all Montréalers stand to benefit from the impact of this large-scale initiative. 

Trailblazing process 

The first edition of the new police integration program and its Immersion MTL component have shown to what extent this innovative process was essential to support a cultural change that will take place over several years. 

We highlight that the Program has been completely redesigned to better reflect Montréal realities and accordingly better equip police officers from the start of their career at the SPVM. 

For more information:

Police Integration Program (Programme d’intégration à la fonction policière) - Immersion MTL



Meeting social workers and homeless people.


Meeting social workers and homeless people.

Actively taking part in a preparation course for individuals
who have applied for permanent residency.


Sharing a meal and talking with seniors.

Helping an autistic child do physical education.


Helping young autistic children with their schoolwork.