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You will find below some excerpts of municipal bylaws describing the fines incurred for each of the following types of antisocial behaviour which occur frequently around the exits of bars and restaurants.

Nighttime noise or uproar $300 + fees

Art. 9 (4) code 2351

Emitting a noise that can be heard from the outside or, within a premises, cries, clamors, singing, altercations, cursing or uproar.


Fighting $500 + fees

RM  11-017
Art. 2 code 0420

Taking part in a fight or any other act of physical violence on public property or on outdoor land adjacent to public property.


Drinking on public property $100 + fees

Art. 3 code 2090

Consuming alcoholic beverages on public property.


Urinating or defecating on public property $250 + fees

Art. 11 code 6025

Spreading a liquid on public property (e.g., urinating).


Obstructing traffic $100 + fees

Art. 1 code 2085

Impeding or obstructing pedestrian or vehicular traffic and refusing to move on, by order of a peace officer, without valid cause.


Lying or loitering drunk on a public thoroughfare $50 + fees

art.2. code 2089

Being found lying or loitering drunk on a public thoroughfare or place or any other place in the city.