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Our goals

Below are the main points of the local orientations of Neighbourhood Police Station 26 for 2018. The local priorities we have established are very similar to those for 2017, and the actions we implement help consolidate our objectives and adjust the interventions to local needs, which vary greatly.

Strategic orientations of the SPVM (2020 strategic plan)

1. Pride and mobilization of staff

2. Continuous improvement

3. Strength in working together to serve you better

4. Making a difference in the lives of citizens

Local priorities of PDQ 26 


  • Continue to promote a “citizen-based approach” in all of our interventions, and consolidate the existing structures for exchange and bridge-building with the community.
    • Formalize the meetings of the local surveillance committee (safety net), as well as the communication protocol in the event of a crisis.
    • Organize meetings with the public: “Coffee with a cop.”
    • Continue to distribute the releases of PDQ 26 and special releases during major events.
    • Intervene quickly with the citizens concerned by an incident (closeness or belonging to the same group).
    • Help reinforce the know-how of police officers.
    • Allow the police officers and work teams to reinforce their ties with the public.
  • Promote road safety to citizens (pedestrians, cyclists and drivers) in order to improve road safety.
    • Ensure the flow of traffic and respect between cyclists and drivers.
    • Increase police visibility in terms of prevention and road safety.
    • Facilitate the reporting of traffic-related problems and interventions by officers to remedy the situation appropriately.
  • Ensure the safety of people with special needs as regards crime and a sense of security. 
    • Better understand the concerns and vulnerabilities of the senior population. 
    • Ensure police presence and visibility with the community during events.
    • Set up ad hoc strategies to respond to problems linked to crime and a sense of security.
    • Maintain privileged channels of communication with the partners in order to intervene effectively as needed.