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Police Station

Our goals

The team at PDQ 15 works to maintain security in its territory, in compliance with the SPVM's global priorities. To this end, the team has established these objectives :

Services to the public

  • Strengthen the resident's sense of security in certain target sectors
  • Maintain police visibility in parks and around public spaces
  • Harmonize our graffiti prevention and street gang programs with elected representatives and community partners

Road safety and traffic

  • Improve sites and safety around schools
  • Enforce the Highway Safety Code with road users
  • Promote road sharing among different users
  • Use a problem resolution approach in problematic areas
  • Reduce speed on target arteries
  • Reduce the number of accidents

Relations with the public

  • Maintain police visibility to foster regular, direct contact with the residents
  • Focus on cooperation, strengthen bonds and pursue our bridge-building activities with the community
  • Identify shared activities with partners and community organizations to take action against crime and improve the community’s sense of security
  • Distribute information and hold training sessions on personal safety for residents in at-risk sectors