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Police Station

Our goals

The team at PDQ 13 is working to maintain security in our territory, in compliance with the SPVM’s general priorities. To this end, we have set the following objectives : 

Anchor the police service in OUR community

Improve cooperation and step up interactions with our security partners.

  • Pursue the COOP project (optimal cooperation among partner organizations):
    • 3 components: elected officials, residents and influential players.
    • For all participants, create a platform for discussion and cooperation to help the PDQ 13 staff get to know our neighbourhood partners better, and vice versa. 
  • Take part in the TACSU (urban security action and cooperation table).
  • Hold meetings with our various community partners.

Ensure all police officers are thoroughly familiar with the territory, the people they serve (their needs, expectations, problems) and the local resources.

  • Visit, contact and offer prevention counselling to businesses open mainly at night or facing specific crime-related needs.
    • Licensed venues
    • 24-hour businesses
    • Carrefour Angrignon

Protect the public

Continue to improve our knowledge and understanding of specific issues, to better anticipate and target them.

  • Create a partnership with the Douglas Hospital Centre to establish a list of external accommodation centres in our sector.
  • Develop a method for police interventions in these accommodation centres.

Pursue actions with our partners.

  • Hold information sessions in response to needs expressed by our partners with regard to cybercrime, identity theft and fraud.
  • Demystify police work.

Proactively deploy strategies suited to local realities, to improve the public sense of security.

  • Improve our understanding of crime in Lasalle and find adapted solutions.
  • Raise awareness among students about the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) and the judicial system.
  • Implement the bully supervision project (anti-bullying).
  • Maintain order with increased presence and random operations around the borough’s schools, parks and green spaces.

Improve the road safety record.

  • Maintain and improve road safety services by holding police operations.
  • Take part in traffic and speeding committees.
  • Crack down on left turns in target zones.
  • Increase the number of officers qualified to carry out driver drug detection and hold police operations.

For all activities, maintain effective communication with the public through the microsite and local media.