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Committed to better serve 

At the SPVM, we are committed to offering the best possible service, to everyone, all the time. For PDQ 10, this commitment means offering courteous and respectful service, and providing all the information you need to ensure you understand how your complaint will be processed and what resources are available to help you.  

With this in mind, we have introduced a project called "Commited to better serve" to encourage the public and the officers to partner together in the provision of quality client service.

One of the new efforts that will be introduced in October 2012 will invite you to complete a short survey on your satisfaction with the service you receive when you file a report with PDQ 10. The results will be compiled periodically to help us continue to improve our response to your needs and expectations.

“Commited to better serve” is presently effective. 

Bordeaux-Cartierville Charter of Welcome and Referral

PDQ 10 believes that in terms of welcoming and referring residents, the quality of our contact with them is a crucial factor in the success of our efforts. That’s why PDQ 10 accepted the invitation of our local partners to take part in the creation of a Bordeaux-Cartierville Charter of Welcome and Referral and to promote it, along with some sixty community and institutional organizations in the area.