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Traffic Rules for Pedestrians


When there is an intersection or crosswalk nearby, pedestrians must use it.

If there is no intersection or crosswalk, pedestrians must yield to vehicles before crossing.

Be alert. Avoid taking unnecessary risks.



When there is a flashing pedestrian walk signal and a countdown, pedestrians can enter the roadway only if they are able to reach the other sidewalk or the safety zone before the orange hand appears.

A pedestrian who does not think there is time to get all the way across should wait for the next walk signal.

For a flashing walk sign without a countdown, pedestrians who are already crossing should hurry across to the other sidewalk or safety zone. Pedestrians who are not yet on the crosswalk should wait for the next walk signal.

Wherever there are pedestrians crossing signals, pedestrians must obey them.

Infractions and penalties

Not respecting these rules constitutes a violation

Total Amount of the fine

A pedestrian must cross at an intersection or a crosswalk when there is one in the vicinity; they cannot cross anywhere else.


Before crossing an intersection un-regulated by traffic lights, a pedestrian must make sure there is no risk. At any pedestrian crossing not located at an intersection regulated by traffic lights a pedestrian must, before crossing, make sure that there is no risk.


In the absence of a close by, clearly identified intersection or pedestrian crossing, a pedestrian who crosses the road must yield to vehicles and cyclists.


If there is a crosswalk signal for pedestrians installed at an intersection, the pedestrian must obey it.

If the light is white, a pedestrian can cross the road.

When the light is orange, a pedestrian cannot walk through the crosswalk.

When the light is flashing, a pedestrian who has already started to cross the road must speed up to reach the other side or the safety zone.


In the absence of pedestrian signals, the  pedestrian must conform to the traffic lights.


A pedestrian can only cross an intersection diagonally when authorized by a peace officer, a school crossing guard or a control panel made for this specific purpose.