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Pedestrian Safety

Sharing the in an urban environment is one of the greatest challenges to both road users and the SPVM officers who monitor the roads daily. It is important to remember that pedestrians, cyclists and drivers share the responsibility for accidents leading to death and serious injuries.

Driver distraction is the primary cause of traffic accidents, whether it stems from an object or situation that attracts the driver’s attention or using a cell phone at the wheel. Pedestrians also endanger their own safety by crossing between intersections without ensuring they can make it safely to the other side, for example, or failing to obey traffic signals when crossing at a corner. In 61% of pedestrian fatalities, the pedestrian had contravened the Highway Safety Code.

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Safe behaviour

It is important to adopt safe behaviours - not only for your own sake, but for the safety of others as well.

  • Cross at an intersection, or at the closest pedestrian crossing.
  • Respect pedestrian signs installed at intersections. If there are none, respect the traffic lights.;
  • Before entering a pedestrian crossing not regulated by traffic lights, make sure you can cross it without risk.
  • If out in the evening or at night, wear reflective clothing in order to be seen clearly.

Before crossing an intersection, always make sure that drivers can clearly see you, ideally by establishing eye contact with them. Never take for granted that they saw you.

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Conseils aux écoliers (PDF - in french)