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Motorcyclists Safety

Since you are more vulnerable on a motorbike, you must double your awareness, particularly at intersections. Visual contact with all other road users remains an effective means to avoid any trouble.

According to statistics, 40% of fatal collisions between a vehicle and a motorcycle occur at intersections. However, 42% of fatal motorcycle collisions do not involve any other vehicle, and occur at road curves, usually due to speeding.

 Licence classes authorizing the use of a motorcycle

  • Class 6A: All motorcycles.
  • Class 6B: 400 cc cylinder size or less
  • Class 6C: 125 cc cylinder size or less
  • These classes also allow the control of class 6D vehicles

Safe Practices

  • Carry out a visual inspection of the motorcycle and check:
    • the wear and air pressure of the tires;
    • oil levels;
    • the front cables;
    • gas.
  • If you are hesitant at an intersection, don’t advance first.
  • Respect speed limits.
  • Adjust speed when approaching road curves in order to negotiate them properly.
  • Practice emergency braking.
  • When it rains, decrease speed and increase the distance between you and other vehicles.
  • When approaching an intersection, adopt this rule: If I do not see, I do not pass!

Learners' Licence

Note that a class 6A learner's licence holder can be accompanied by a class 6A, 6B or 6C licence holder, provided that he/she has held the licence for at least 2 years, and his/her driver's licence is valid. In addition, the guide must drive his/her own motorbike.

Learning drivers are forbidden to transport passengers on their motorcycles.

Two classes of motorcycle learner’s driver’s licence

The class 6R (learner’s driver’s licence) authorizes its holder to drive a motorcycle on a public road only during a recognized driving lesson. Once the course is successfully completed, the learning driver can take the examination on the condition of having a learner’s permit (class 6R) for at least one month.

If the learner driver succeeds, the class 6A licence will be delivered.

Infractions and penalties


Penalties plus applicable fees

  Demerit points

Driving on a motorcycle without a helmet that conforms to standards.



Driving a road vehicle in such a way that can endanger life, public safety or property. Examples of reckless actions: driving on the back or front wheel only or, driving while seated on the handles of the motorcycle.



Driving a motorcycle with a passenger who is not sitting with his/her feet on the foot support.



Driving a motorcycle in a group of two or more in a single lane without adopting a zigzag formation.




Driving a motorcycle between two adjacent lanes of vehicles.





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