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Designer Drugs

Like all other illegal drugs, designer drugs are subject to Canadian laws. Possession, trafficking, or possession for the purposes of trafficking, production, importing and exporting designer drugs are illegal activities. The penalties and punishments vary according to the substance and the offence. 

In general, designer drugs are available as attractive tablets and are inexpensive. This means that they are accessible for all customers.

The fact that they are common adds to the danger for consumption. Some of this is explained, among others, by the fact that swallowing a tablet seems less associated with taking drugs than by injecting, smoking, or snorting an illegal substance. But there are still risks involved in taking designer drugs.

Organized crime continues to dominate the market for designer drugs here as in elsewhere in Canada. This way, it provides funding for many other illegal activities to the detriment of society.

What to do?

If you witness the sale of a narcotic and you would like to report an event, you can call 911, contact your local Police Department, report an event or you may also contact Info-crimes Montréal, anonymously and with complete confidentiality.

Who does what?

At the SPVM, investigators of each area and investigators from specialized units fight against drug trafficking. 

Find out more

This brochure for young people is published by the Québec Ministry of Health and Social Services. It clearly explains the effects of different designer drugs: 

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