The SPVM Presents its 2021 Activity Report to the Commission de la sécurité publique

08 june 2022

The Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) officially presents its 2021 Activity Report today to the members of the Commission de la sécurité publique and to the public.

This Annual Activity Report aims to share with Montréal residents the results of quantitative data on the SPVM’s operations and the crime observed in the territory. This publication also showcases the SPVM’s activities and projects in 2021.

Moreover, the document presents statistics and data. The most significant variations are contextualized to explain various circumstances that can shed additional light on their interpretation.

In general, the effects of the pandemic, including the confinement of the population and the curfew that was in effect for the first 5 months of 2021, helped explain certain statistics presented in the report.

For example, crimes against property decreased by 9.4% compared to the average over the last 5 years. Although crimes against the person increased by 17.3%, Criminal Code offences decreased by 2.8% overall.

The Annual Activity Report is also an opportunity to thank the residents and partners for their essential contribution to safety within the city, and recognize the work of all SPVM staff.

It is possible to consult the SPVM’s interactive Annual Activity Report on our website.