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Events linked to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: several measures

Since October 7, several events targeting Arab-Muslim and Jewish communities have taken place in Montreal in the wake of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) has prioritized its response to these events. All necessary resources are mobilized, whether in terms of presence on the ground, investigation or collaboration with the targeted communities. 

From the outset of the conflict, the SPVM deployed various measures to maintain the peace and safety of the entire population. Visibility around places of interest to the communities concerned, such as places of worship and schools, was increased. In addition to the officers of the neighbourhood police stations, various units are providing support, including specialized and investigative teams. 

This visibility plan has been enhanced following the events of the past few days. The SPVM is also in close contact with representatives of the Arab-Muslim and Jewish communities. Regular meetings are held to exchange views and take stock of the situation. 

"The SPVM reiterates its call for calm and wishes to reassure the population: we are redoubling our vigilance and we have all the necessary personnel, at operational level, to carry out our mission. All communities have the right to live in safety. Hate crimes are unacceptable, we take them very seriously and we spare no effort in tackling them," said Assistant Director Vincent Richer. 

Anyone who needs assistance because they fear for their safety or physical integrity, or feel they are being subjected to harassment, threats or hate discrimination, should never hesitate to contact the SPVM, either by calling 911 or their neighbourhood police station. Every new report is dealt with promptly. 

For more information on hate crimes and incidents, please visit our website.