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Police Station

Services offered

The 29 local police stations (PDQ) offer a number of local services that can vary from one neighbourhood to the next, in order to properly respond to local issues and specific needs of citizens. Contact your PDQ to find out more.

Services for everyone

  • Response to calls that are urgent and less urgent
  • Residential or business visits to give safety and prevention advice
  • Free loan of an engraver to identify your valuable items
  • Handling and follow-up of traffic and road safety complaints
  • Handling and follow-up of criminal complaints
  • Local crowd control at events in the neighbourhood

Services for young people

  • Preventive interventions in schools
  • Conferences in schools on various topics: extortion, bullying, drug addiction, street gangs, safety around strangers, graffiti and others
  • Managing school crossings

Services for specific client groups

  • Conferences on women's safety
  • Follow-up with victims of domestic violence
  • Meetings with the elderly for safety talks
  • Community services
  • Participation in citizen committees and round tables
  • Participation in community projects: organization of fundraising campaigns for community and other organizations

Specialized services

The local police stations work jointly with other specialized SPVM services to resolve particular urban safety issues:

  • Road safety
  • Specialized investigations
  • Emergency response team
  • Project-based action module
  • Anti-terrorism unit
  • Youth intervention and prevention unit
  • Information division
  • Organized crime division
  • Canine patrol
  • Mounted police unit, etc.