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Project-based action module – MAP

The project-based action module is an addition to the local police station. Its members are part of an operational team that functions on a project basis. The projects allow for strategies to be developed and intervention plans to be put in place to obtain a lasting result that is based on an identified problem.

This module brings together, in one location, police officers with various expertise, giving them a better capacity to take action (investigations, information, prevention, enforcement etc.). With this various combined expertise, they are able to:

  • Recognize and identify problems
  • Develop strategies to be implemented to deal with problems
  • Establish links with other SPVM units for combined interventions
  • Ensure all players involved work together cohesively and in a complementary manner
  • Mobilize partners
  • Increase direct contact with the public

The specific responsibilities of this module are as follows:

  • Information management (collection and sharing of intelligence, links with analysis teams, research of best practices, etc.)
  • Identification of target locations related to crime, inappropriate behaviour and disorder
  • Implementation of problem-solving strategies
  • Efficiency and effectiveness of patrol plans (foot patrol, presence in target locations and visibility)

Expected benefits for SPVM partners

  • Improved relationships and collaborations with staff from the local police stations
  • Increased direct contact with the public and partners (individualized contact)
  • More customized response to safety needs in the area
  • Emphasis on participation in value-added projects