COVID-19 and fraudulent senior solicitations | Be vigilant during your isolation

24 march 2020

As an exceptional measure, the Government of Québec has asked people aged 70 and over to stay home and not to go to public places. This situation could expose seniors to different forms of fraudulent solicitation. The Service de police dela Villede Montréal (SPVM) would like to remind you of certain prevention tips to ensure your safety and that of your loved ones during the current period of isolation.


If a loved one, neighbour or volunteer offers to help you, it is very likely that the person genuinely wants to help you in order to contribute to the well being of their community. If you still want to use their service or offer them financial compensation, here are some prevention tips:

  • First, verify the expectations of the person or organization that is helping you;
  • Assess the value of the service;
  • Mutually agree to a reasonable contribution;
  • Do not let anyone enter your home;
  • Even if you cannot leave to go to a financial institution:
    • Never disclose your personal information and personal identification numbers (PINs);
    • Check your bank statement regularly. If you notice unusual transactions or fees, contact your financial institution;
  • Remember that you do not have to give or sell your goods at a discount (house, television, jewellery, etc.).


Private companies offer “quick” COVID-19 screening tests. Only hospitals are currently allowed to perform these tests. No other test is authentic or guarantees exact results.

In addition, some consumers buy large quantities of products and resell them at a higher price. These products may be expired, they may be of poor quality, and they may increase the risks to your health.


To report any ill-intentioned person, contact your neighbourhood police station at 514-280-01XX (XX corresponding to the police station number). For any emergency, dial 911.

To report fraud, contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501 or through their website at

You can also report the fraud or any other criminal activity anonymously and confidentially to Info-Crime Montréal by dialling 514-393-1133 or through their website at

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