Unidentified remains

Case number: 48-981110-007

On November 10, 1998, the body of a man was discovered in a container shipped by the "Cast" Company, which was being stored in the Port of Montreal. The individual had taken refuge, with food, in the shipping container which had arrived in Montreal by boat (the "Canmar Valour") from Livorno, Italy.

Discovered on November 10, 1998 
Gender Male 
Skin tone Light/Fair 
Corpulence Slender/Thin 
Hair color Auburn 
Hair description Short 
Weight 55 kg 
Height 178 cm / 5ft-10in 
Estimated age 20 - 30 
Case number 48-981110-007 
Additional information

200 lire (Italian currency), inscribes "Genova 92)

a Republican coin from Italy

Location where the body was found
Type of clothing Socks 
Clothing colour Grey, Purple, Lavender, Mauve 
Type of clothing Pants 
Clothing colour Black 
Material Nylon 
Note jogging style, size XL 
Type of clothing Leggings 
Clothing colour Black, Blue 
Material Cotton 
Note boxer style, brand "Adidas", with white lines 
Type of clothing Socks 
Clothing colour White, Blue 
Type of clothing Belt 
Note with pattern, silver buckle 
Type of clothing Shoes 
Clothing colour Brown 
Note with lace, brand "Vera Gomma Italy", inscribed sole "Taos" on sole 
Type of clothing Pants 
Clothing colour Blue 
Material Denim 
Note jean style, brand "Levis" 
Distinctive markings
Trait Scar 
Location of trait Left Arm 
Note possibly a vaccine 

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