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Theft of Wireless Devices

More and more people keep personal information on their smart phones, including financial or work-related information. The loss or theft of a wireless device that is not adequately protected can have major consequences.

What to do in the event of theft?

If a cellular telephone is stolen, contact the wireless service provider immediately to have it deactivated.

Report the theft to the Police. Provide a description of the suspects as well as the direction they went. Provide the serial number and IMEI number, which allow the device to be identified. 

For prevention purposes, you can find out a cell phone's IMEI number by entering *#06# on the keyboard and this number should be kept in a safe place in case of theft. If you do not have this available, your cell phone provider can give you the IMEI number. The cell phone can thereby be returned to the complainant if found by our Department.  

Blacklist of lost or stolen devices

This list has all the IMEI numbers (international mobile equipment identity) – the IP address serial number – of cell phones reported lost or stolen. This list is available online for all service providers and anyone who wishes to check if the phone they want to purchase can be reactivated.

People who want to obtain a used telephone are therefore better informed and can avoid purchasing a device that would be impossible to reactivate, even if the SIM card or service provider are switched. This measure makes cellular theft much less profitable. 

Prevention tips

  • Be especially discreet and careful by trying not to needlessly display your personal electronic devices
  • Do not use your electronic device in places where there could be a risk
  • Listening to music at a loud volume often prevents seeing any approaching danger Make sure you can hear outside noise and pay attention to any suspicious behaviour
  • Record your IMEI number (you can obtain it by entering: *#06#)
  • Ensure your device is password-protected.
  • Configure your settings so your device locks on its own after a short period of time
  • Install an application that allows you to wipe or erase your device's data remotely in the event of theft or loss.
  • Install an application that allows you to locate your device