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Snow removal Operation

Make sure that you are seen: a rule which can save lives!

Pedestrians and drivers are asked to establish visual contact with each other. By doing so, the pedestrian makes sure that they have been seen by the driver before crossing.

A hand signal to give the right of way to a pedestrian or another driver is a good way of avoiding a collision. In most accidents, the victim was not seen by the driver.

Living with heavy vehicles

Because of their length and height, snow clearance vehicles have many blind spots which often prevent their drivers from seeing pedestrians and small vehicles.

It is best to keep a safe distance when in front of, behind or beside these vehicles, to ensure that you will be visible to their drivers.

Driver Reminders

Reminders to drivers of snow removal vehicles

  • Respect the Highway Safety Code.
  • Respect driving and work hour regulations.
  • Perform an inspection before departure.
  • Ensure that the mirrors are free of all substances interfering with visibility.
  • Check the quality of the view in the external rear view mirrors.
  • Show courtesy towards the other road users.

Reminders for all drivers

  • Before turning at a green light, stop and yield passage to pedestrians crossing the road.
  • Stop your vehicle before the intersection's stop line.
  • At designated crossing areas, stop your vehicle to allow pedestrians to cross
  • Use your headlights at all times to see well and be seen by other road users.
  • Show courtesy at the wheel at all times.

Pedestrian Reminders

  • Make sure you are seen by drivers before crossing a street.
  • Cross at the intersection or at the nearest pedestrian crossing.
  • Respect pedestrian lights installed at intersections and, if there are none, follow the traffic lights.
  • Avoid crossing between two intersections.
  • When there is only one way to cross, yield passage to drivers and you will be able to cross without risk.
  • For more protection, remain on the sidewalk while waiting to cross.
  • Wear clothing with bright colors or reflective bands to be more visible.

Winter Parking

Snow accumulation on the streets may cause headaches for drivers whishing to park their cars. In order to avoid accidents, as well as a fines, be attentive on how you park your vehicle after heavy snowfalls.
To do so, make sure your vehicle clears the road and does not hinder traffic. Ensure free passage for all vehicles, especially emergency ones. Moreover, diagonal parking is prohibited. If you do not comply with these rules, you may be fined.
To avoid any inconvenience, make sure your vehicle does not hinder passage.