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School Transportation

Every morning and evening in Québec, nearly 575,000 children (60% of school children) board one of more than 9,500 school buses that travel approximately 1 million kilometres a day. 

The greatest risk to children safety is outside the bus. When the kids return to school after a long break, the Police Officers of the SPVM, in collaboration with various school authorities, help children learn the importance of being alert around school buses.  Various public awareness campaigns also take place throughout the year, to remind everyone of the importance of demonstrating caution when close to schools.

School bus routes
Visit your neighbourhood police station page to find out about the bus routes of your school.

Codes of conduct when approaching a school bus

  • You must stop your vehicle no less than five meters from a bus or a school minibus whose lights are flashing and whose stop sign is displayed
  • You cannot cross or pass a bus or a minibus whose stop signal is displayed, or whose lights are flashing

Any driver ignoring these rules will be fined $200 (plus applicable fees), and receive 9 demerit points on their driving record.

It's yellow... prepare to stop!

School bus drivers announce in advance their intention to stop in order to slow traffic down in front and behind them, and to avoid abrupt braking or acceleration. This is aimed at protecting the lives of our children; therefore, prepare to stop when a bus activates its four yellow warning lights or its hazard lights.