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Robbery (hold-up)

Physical violence is any deliberate action that directly impairs the victim's physical integrity. Physical violence often entails psychological consequences as well.

Robbery is a theft carried out by means of violence, using a weapon, an object, or threats. The violence may take place immediately before or after the theft.

A robber may use violence to commit the theft, for extortion, or to prevent or control resistance to the theft.

Although it is a theft, robbery is handled as a crime against a person, since the victim's physical and psychological integrity is attacked.

What to do?

If you are robbed:

  • Do not try to defend yourself: give your money to the thief to reduce the risk of being injured
  • Call 911 immediately: describe the robber and the robber's escape route
  • If your credit cards are stolen, contact the issuing companies to have them cancelled

Prevention tips

  • Choose well-lit streets and parking areas
  • Avoid alleyways.
  • If you are a woman and you have to take the bus after dark, use the Between Stops service offered by the Montréal transit corporation (STM)
  • Carry very little cash with you
  • Avoid carrying a purse or else carry a small purse tucked under your arm
  • Do not carry your purse over your shoulder
  • Do not wrap the strap of your purse around your wrist – in the event of a robbery, you may be injured