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Process for reporting a crime in a conjugal violence context

Conjugal violence can cause a victim to become completely disoriented. It is especially important for her to understand the process for reporting a crime in a conjugal violence context. The same principle applies for the caseworker who supports the victim, out of concern to help her verbalize her fears and answer her questions.

A video in 17 languages and its companion guide

Whether you are a victim or a caseworker, the SPVM invites you to watch the following video, which explains to allophones, who do not speak French or English, the steps involved in reporting a crime in a context of conjugal violence in Montréal – from the complaint to the police up to the trial. This video is available in 17 different languages and in Québec sign language. 

You can also consult the companion guide, which offers the caseworkers information complementing the video and provides the victims with referrals to helping resources.

Tools for victims and caseworkers

The SPVM produced this video and its companion guide in 2017, following the recommendations of its partners and shelter operators who had expressed the need for better resources to discuss the different stages of the process and its implications with the victims.

After distributing these tools to the caseworkers concerned, the SPVM is now making them available so that as many victims of conjugal violence as possible, as well as caseworkers, can benefit from them.

The SPVM wishes to thank its partners who have made this initiative possible: the CAVAC, the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions, Shield of Athena, Centre d’Aide à la famille, La Dauphinelle (shelter) and the stakeholders and police officers who participated in the different phases of production of the video.

To watch the video


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Québec sign language

To find out more:

Guide d'accompagnement de la vidéo - in french only (PDF)

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