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Power-Assisted Bicycle

Power-assisted bicycles, commonly referred to as electric bikes or electric scooters, are vehicles powered by electricity that have a pedal system. They can look like a regular bicycle or more like a moped.

Although electric power-assisted bicycles do not require a driver's licence for drivers over the age of 18, certain rules apply in order to ride one legally.

Rules to follow

Traffic rules for riders of a traditional bicycle all apply to riders of power-assisted bicycles.

However, if the power-assisted bicycle has a moveable step, the driver is not allowed on a bicycle path or lane.

In order to travel on public roads, drivers must wear a bicycle helmet. (Art. 2.1 of the Protective Helmets Regulation)

Highway Safety Code

Certain rules apply in order to be able to legally ride a power-assisted bicycle. It is essentially Article 492.2 of the Highway Safety Code (HSC) that determines the rules to be followed on a public road. This Article specifies that: 

  • The driver must be 18 years of age or older or the holder of a class 6D (Moped or Motorized Scooter) licence
  • The driver must wear a protective helmet
  • The bicycle must bear a removable label affixed by the manufacturer stating that it is a power-assisted bicycle
  • The bicycle must comply with the standards provided by the Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations.

Drivers in violation of these regulations are liable for a fine of $100, plus applicable fees.

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